Friday, January 1, 2016

Samuel "The Hulk" Lim In The New Paper 09/03/11

Special Thanks to Kua Chee Siong.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Team Iron Behemoths - Dievas Watch Co. For People's Association Community Engagement and Racial Harmony Day 2011

At Team Iron Behemoths, we take our role of Making Singapore Stronger seriously.

And it means more to us than delveloping buldging biceps or getting new records in Strongman and Powerlifting.

Making Singapore Stronger also means fostering STRONGER Community and Racial ties -The very fabric of our nation! With our members coming from all race groups and even friends from other countries, we know the importance and synergistic benefits when all of us come together as one. Our team is stronger for it!

It is thus entirely our pleasure to be invited once again to co-organise The TIB Tug of War Challenge at this year's Community and Racial Harmony Day.

Starting the new year with a Hulk #106 Cover Pose!

Thumbs up for a good year ahead!
With our event sponsor, Anders, of Gnomon Watches. Guest of honour, MP Denise Phua and Chaiman Pang.
Thank you all for making this possible!

Yoshida got up early this year to find something stiff in his hand.
While Hulk has always been naturally Singapore's Strongest....and longest!

The AAA Team - Ben the Bear; Keith the King, Raph the haymaker, Lloyd the Lloyd!

I said are you ready??!!!
Kicking off the Team Iron Behemoths Tug of War Challenge for the third year in a row.

Men's team with Keith

Winning Women's Team with Lloyd!

Happy faces!

More happy faces!!

Even more happiness!!!

Someone will walk away with the grand prize - a Dievas Oceantimer divers watch!

We are Team Iron Behemoths!

Hulk says pump it up!

Special thanks to Anders and all at Gnomon Watches! Round of applause everybody!

Royal Flush! Winning Ladies Team with Denise showing off their Bright New TIB-Dievas Shirts!

Ralph demonstrating the Farmers Walk.

Strong Old dude!

Who will win the coveted Dievas Diver Watch?

It goes to this deserving gentleman! Congratulations Sir!

Anders came ready to rumble! Even the morning of Jan 1st! Something we appreciate very much! Thank you Sir!

Anders rises to the occasion! Strong start to a strong year!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Samuel "The Hulk" Lim In Singapore Book Of Records

So The Hulk is a multiple record holder for Strength in the Singapore Book of Records eh?

HULK SM-ile-ASH!!!

Look under Amazing Feats: Strength

Record for 100kg-a-hand Faemers Walk.

Record for 500kg Wheelbarrow Race.

Record for 200kg Yoke Walk.

"First and foremost, thanks be to God!
Without Him I can do nothing, and with Him, I can do all things.
Special thanks to my Team - Naturally Singapore's Strongest.
And to all my Sponsors - Dievas Watch Company, Nutrifirst, Canterbury, Adventure 21 and to all at Hong Lim CC.
Much more to come.
I promise."

-Samuel "The Hulk" Lim

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rev Kevin Fast

Before the event with Kevin.

The lovely Miss Gladys making sure everything's peachy!

And we have lift off!
Changi, we have no problem!

All in a day's work for Kevin!

"Go! Go! Go!" The crowd cheering Kevin to the finsh line.

Huge ovation for Kevin after a big show of strength!

Next stop, The Behemoths Lair, Hong Lim Park.
It is our honour to have you here Kev, many thanks!

Two Thumbs up for Singapore's Strongest!

Strongmen. Plural. Kevin with the Team.

What a Riot! What a Storm!
Special thanks to Miss Gladys for the wonderful work!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

People's Association 50th Anniversary Show

Welcome to Toa Payoh Hub. Very much a second home to Team Iron Behemoths.

Since 2008, we have been here to thrill the crowds at the annual HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge.

As Singapore's most prominent Strongmen, we were invited to the People's Association 50th Anniversary Show to wow the ministers and public as only we can!

And more importantly, spread our message of being Naturally Strong.
No need for drugs to do what Team Iron Behemoths can!

Today we show it by demonstrating Singapore's first and only Strongman Log Press as well Tyre Flips and Powerlifts.

Yes, we can! The Hulk starts the party off by showing Singapore how the Strongman Log Press should be done.

Raphael shows the future looks strong too.

Ryan slams out a personal best lift on stage.

Jason manages to hoist it up with a little help. Hey that's what you train with Singapore's Strongest for!

One for the ladies! Miss Kiki steps up.

Can she do it?

And she's got it!

No issue at all. Moving right on...

On to the tyre flip demonstration, The Hulk wows the crowd with his effortlessness.

Raphael doing exactly the same. Only with a little red belt.

Ryan gets in on the action.

Kiki continues to wow the audience with her gumption.

Two for two! The crowd approves!

Now for the truest test of strength, the Deadlift. Sam starting off the proceedings again.
Who else better?

Ryan makes hid presence felt in the 3-Cookie Club. Admit 140kg only.

A place Jason visits regularly.

Shout it out! We have a new Personal Record for Ralph at 4 and half cookies. 200kg.

Something the veteran powerlifter, Say, exectutes with poise.

Okay put on all the weights we brought here...time to close out the show.

Because the crowd wanted more.. Sam steps up for an encore.

If The Hulk can just down 6 cookies (260kg) for an anytime snack, we wonder what does he do for dinner?

But we do know he has Oranges for dessert. All the time.

But the curtain call must be for Colin!

Thank you Colin Sir for putting this showpiece together and we look forward to bigger and better things with you on board Team Iron Behemoths - Naturally Singapore's Strongest.